A Hybrid Solution Cloud Organiser

Redactor Platform It is for Manufacturers, Retailers,Consultants, Agents,
Tour Operators, Service Providers,Housing Complex etc.
CRM, Finance, Stock and moreā€¦.
These are actually Complete Enterprise Solution Packages. We have made them available on Subscription basis, so as to make it more affordable. Packages under Subscription contain modules from our Hybrid Solutions. Hybrid Solutions are customised to suit your requirements and work flow.
Our Client base includes Government Agencies at State and Center, Manufacturers, Large Trading Houses, Consultants as well as Groups have manufacturing facilities spread across India.

It is our Pride Solution Excellence Award

All Microsoft Products & Services At One Place.
All Licenses - OEM and Volume.
Deployment & Support for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics
Setup & Maintainance of Microsoft Front End Security, Windows Server & Sql Server.

From & Around the Races Group

Races Group has diversified presence, its success lies in its unique approach.It has got high level skill in various IT sectors and other fields. Our work area includes various sectors such as Manufacturing, Trading, Consultancy, Infrastructure, Service Industry etc. We have client base at various levels, categories and sectors, including Individuals, Industrial Houses & Groups, State & Central Government Agencies.